Today I wanted to give a try to the new C9.25 CF. Seeing was bad and the Moon was low… so low that when I ended recording I realized that the C9.25 was half covered by the wall 😦

Anyway… here’s the result of the mosaic (11 pictures) with regular focal length (2350mm) using a Baader Red filter + DMK31 CCD Camera Firewire.

The C9.25 is a great telescope. Not easy to manage but really great when there are the conditions to make it work at best. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen often. But I’m starting to love it.

Too bad that it’s even more difficult to use it for solar white light images. I was intentioned to do so, and I build a large Astrosolar (ND3.8) mask but results are poor. Not even comparable to any of my refractors.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to shot some good Sun image with it as well. For now I’m very far from that point. Still have to understand what’s really wrong.


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