Today I got a second PST and I’ve been able to test it with my previous one in “binoscope” mode.

I placed the two PSTs on a L bracket and they fitted perfectly. Aligning them has been very easy as I only had to make them converge a little and it’s done.

I tested it with two 10mm EPs so I’ve been able to observe the full disk in all its “stereo” beauty.

Here’s what the setup looks like:

A few days ago I also received the Baader Maxbright Binoviewer that I use with my C9.25 to look at the Moon and Saturn (for now). Incredible view. Very immersive. It seems like watching the Moon from a space shuttle porthole about to land on it. Incredible. And seeing wasn’t good at all. I still have to try it with the Omni 120 to watch the Sun.

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