Today I’m starting testing the setups for the Venus transit that is going to happen June 6th.

I’d like to record two videos (time lapse?) in CaK and HA. It’d be great if I can record full disks videos so I had to test how much I can “cover” with my telescopes.

I have a Skywatcher 102/500 acro that could be perfect for that and so I wanted to try it. I first tried using the H-Alpha setup with it. This morning the seeing was really bad but the result is good.


The image is made of two pictures as even at 500mm focal I can’t cover 100% the Sun disk but only about 90% of it. I hope that the DMK51 arrives in time but I fear it won’t.

I found out that I can’t do CaK with the Skywatcher 102/500 as the cromatic aberration is too strong and it creates double images at the borders of the disk.

The Vixen A80M need a focal reducer (I have a x0.5 one) to do the job. The optics of the Vixen is much better than the Skywatcher one so I can do Cak full disk imaging with it.

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