I finally decided to get a Lunt B1200 CaK diagonal. Today it arrived and I immediately putted to work on the Vixen A80M (80/910)

The following are my first images made with it.

Every image has been made with a DMK41, 1000 frames video, stacked with Avistack2 and the final processing with Photoshop. The post-processing still needs refinement. Definetly quite different processing that White Light and H-Alpha images. But it seems “easier” so shouldn’t take look to have good settings.

For close-ups I used the Baader Barlow x2.25, for the 6 pane mosaic full disk (some problem with aligning them… don’t know why sincerely) I used nothing so it’s the default focal length, while for the full disk 2 images mosaic I tries using a x0.5 focal reducer by TS.

My first impression is very good. The whole thing is rock solid and it seems to keep quite cold even after more than 1 hours under the hot midday Sun.

I’ll take some pictures of it in the coming days and maybe also get a few spectra to see how it works.

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