Today I tried a very special image: the transit of the ISS over the Sun.

I’ve been thinking about imaging that transit since I’ve seen what Thierry Legault has done for the Venus transit: a double transit of Venus and Hubble telescope. He went to Australia to catch that special image.

I can’t move to Australia. Not for an image like that and not now. So I wanted to try taking something “similar” by calculating when the ISS over the Sun transit is visible from my house. I used (like Thierry!) an online service: calsky.com

It is a very well done and comprehensive astronomy calculator. I’ve been very lucky as my first window for a transit like that was today, so quite near to when my idea started. Despite of the fact that the ISS passes over our heads a few times a day (sometimes visible, sometimes not) is not that “usual” that it transit over the Sun or the Moon.

The transit occurred at 18.56 local time (16.56 UT). It lasted only 1.48 seconds. I’ve been able to catch most of the transit catching 16 frames using the DMK41 at 15 frames/sec. I used my Celestron Omni 120/1000 at 1000mm focal length. Also I recorded in white light using the Baader Continuum + Baader Neodymium filters.

This is the best frame (5th):

And this is a collage of all 16 frames:

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