Finally a semi-good day.

I couldn’t take any image in the morning but I took a few high resolution videos with the Omni 120 that I still have to process.

At the end of today session I decided to test the new light setup using the Pulnix TM-6CN camera and working in HA.

Here are a couple of single frame shots. Unfortunately the DVR was low on battery and not able to record videos.

The shots has been very quickly processes by using a sharpen step and then a blur one.

The time on the images is GMT (actually in Italy we are +2 GMT).

I’m quite happy with the results considering the the setup can stay in one hand and that works completely on batteries… when I remember to charge them enough đŸ˜€

I used the Omni 120 XLT telescope.

For the high resolution images probably you’ll have to wait tomorrow… or the next rainy day.

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