My very fist mosaic and I’m incredibly happy with it!

This also is my first test with my brand new DMK41. I love it already. No comparison with the ALCCD5. Almost the same resolution but incredibly more details with it.

It took me a lot of time to record and put everything together. Every piece of the mosaic (6 pictures has been used) is made out of a video of around 1000 frames.

The main problem was to find the best software to do the mosaic and then I found out that Photoshop “photomerge” function is one of the best available. It works like a charm. Most of the times better than specific software.

The original image is huge and with lots of details. I think I’ve found the right tuning for the Etalon. Now I still need to work on the post-processing but what I have now is quite good.

Hardware: Coronado PST + DMK41

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