Altra giornata con uno splendido Sole (dal punto di vista meteorologico naturalmente :D).

Purtroppo il seeing è andato ulteriormente peggiorando malgrado non ci fosse alcuna nuvola a disturbare le riprese.

Ho comunque voluto continuare a fare riprese per continuare a “riprendere la mano”.

Ho avuto un pò più tempo del solito per fare riprese e quindi sono andato oltre alle AR11718 e AR11719 dei giorni precedenti. Ho persino ripreso una “debole” (visivamente) protuberanza all’equatore.

Ecco i risultati dopo una breve elaborazione:


  1. Ronnie


    My name´s Ronnie, I live in Brazil and follow your website regularly :-).

    Congratulations! your job is amazing!!!.

    I’m building a similar setup to yours and I would like a help. What´s setting do you use to capture the video with DMK (I´m using a DMK51)?

    Best regards!

    • Ciao Ronnie,

      thanks a lot! I stopped writing my posts in english as I’ve seen that most of the people visiting my website are italians 🙂
      But I’m happy that there’s someone appreciating my pictures even outside of my country.

      The setup I use is made of a Celestron Omni 120 XLT with my Coronado PST mod. I use a DMK41 (or DMK31) mono camera so you should have no problems with the DMK51. I was thinking about it in the past months but then decided to wait for something with the same quality but with a higher framerate.

      Anyway… I also use a Baader 2.25 barlow along with a Baader Neodymium filter. This filter is very important and gives a much better contrast to the images.

      I used the same setup but with different achromatic refractors. I started with a Vixen A80M and the moved to the Celestron. I also have a 152/900 achro that I don’t use very often for h-alpha and it’s almost dedicated to white light images.

      I hope this answers your questions. Otherwise feel free to contact me.

      Thanks again!


  2. Ronnie

    Thank you very much Andrea.

    My mod was made under SkyWacther 120/1000 platform (similar to Omni XLT 120). I’m using BF5, but next month I will bring a BF15 from U.S. and buy a Neodimium filter too 🙂 (today, I´m not using any filters) …

    You can see my pictures in the forum:
    http://www.cosmobrain.com.br/cosmoforum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=11416&p=158245 # p158245
    It’s in Portuguese, but nothing that Google doesn´t help ;-)…
    About the capture of the video, could you share the parameters?
    Best regards!

  3. Ciao Ronnie,

    I’ve seen you images and they are very good. The Omni and the SW are very similar. Probably the Omni has a little better optic but shouldn’t been that different.

    If I can give you a suggestion, don’t spend your money for a larger BF 🙂 It won’t improve in any way your images. It can be good for watching but not for imaging. The Neodymium is the only filter you’ll need. Buy a good Barlow if the one you have isn’t. A 2.5 or 3 is the very maximum we can use with our setup.

    About how to capture videos well it’s very simple. Keep gain and gamma at the lowest value. Only work with exposition time. Adjust it until the histogram is at about half/max 3/4 of the whole range. It may seem “dark” but it’s not. Trust the histogram not your eyes. That’s the only suggestions I have.

    Keep me updated and send me your images 😉


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