2012_08_09_Moon_(Tecnosky 66 ED Apo Test)

I’ll be out for vacation for a few days and I had the opportunity to get a Tecnosky 66 ED Apo (ake Baader Scopos 66, aka Skywatcher Evo 66 ED, and many more).

I made some test in the past days on the Moon and some wide star field. I also tried it on the Sun with an Astrosolar mask. What can I say… Great! Every single aspect of this scope is perfect. Very good looking, very well made, vey good focuser and exeptionally good optics. It made me start to think about doing some deep sky imaging! More in the coming days/weeks. I also got a Canon EOS 1100D that will be used for my first DS experiences.

In the meanwhile here are a couple of pictures I took with this little great scope. One is a “semi-disk” (one picture) and a little mosaic.

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