This is post number 101.

The blog hosts more than 300 pictures of the Sun I took since Dec 20th 2011 (about 6 months ago). An average of 50 pictures/month.

The blog had about 3500 visits so far. More than 700 visits/month. From 41 different countries.

I used 4 different telescopes to observe the Sun. On 3 visual bands (plus radio).

And that’s the very start. Most of the things I made so far are “experiments”. I just start to have some stable setup after months.

Still a lot to learn, a lot to be improved.

Thanks to everyone who’s kindly following what I do. I really appreciate that you like what I do.

I love numbers and those are definitely “unexpected” for something that started as a simple curiosity. But curiosity is the fuel of almost all my knowledge and skills.

A presto,


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