I just created a page with my SID Monitor plotter chart (last 14 hours). I also added the spectrum screenshot (last 9 minutes) for those interested in the “quality” of my location 😀

The link is:

But you can also find the link on top of the home page.

For now you’ll see two lines: a green one and a blue one. Those are the only two VLF Stations I’m able to get with the actual setup.

The strongest one (blue line) is at 19.100Khz.
The weaker one (green line) is at 15.100Khz.

The charts are updated every 5 minutes and it’s in UT.

Both the stations has to be identified 😀 So I don’t know where the signals came from. It maybe from anywhere in the world thanks to VLF but considering that I’m using a 3m single wire antenna I don’t think I’m going out of Europe.

The Spectrum chart shows the 0-48Khz range.

I’ll integrate the page with more information and charts for comparison coming from official resources.

In a couple of days I should have much better antenna and a pre-amplifier. Hopefully I’ll get more VLF Stations and more “reliable” signals.

One of the best things is that SID monitoring can be done 24×7 and with any weather conditions. For now it’s on my main.

One more thing… Spectrum Lab is a GREAT software. The more I use it, the more I love it. Setting up the automatic export of the chart has been a snap. It’s really true that best things in life are free 😀

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