Just a quick double session as I’ve been very busy today with work. To bad we can’t live out of imaging the Sun 
Anyway the first session has been focused on the chromosphere with the Omni 120 setup.
I didn’t had much time for post-processing so they are all in black and white. I hope you’ll like them anyway.Seeing wasn’t good. Surely not as yesterday but I’m happy with the results.Today I also tested the electric focuser I just bought for the PST mods. Working very well and I’m pretty happy of the results.

The second very quick session has been made with my first mod, the Vixen A80M. A nostalgia set of shots dedicated exclusively to prominences.

Here are the pics:
Tomorrow I’ll have the HA filters from eBay. I really hope to put them in good use. Even if only as a substitution of the BF5 it’d be really great for me  I’ll also have the chance to test a few Baader filters to see if I can improve contrast any further. I’ll report my findings (or not findings) in the coming days. We’ll have Sun for the rest of the week. Spring is definitely showing at best!Thanks for watching 

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