There’s a new baby in town 

Using the same pieces I used for the Vixen A80M and Celestron Omni 120 XLT PST Mods, this morning I converted my Skywatcher 102/500 into a HA telescope.

I putted the D-ERF inside the dewcap. Removed the focuser and used the Vixen A80M alluminium tube adapter this time “inside” the Skywatcher tube so that I can easily put the “PST Mod” block in it. Measured prime focus distance and placed the etalon at the right distance. Now I know well how to do that 

Attached are a few pictures of the result.

I made same visual observation with it this morning and it works great. The good is that I can easily watch full disk in goo details with it.

No recording so no example image but I’ll take for sure in the coming days.
It’s incredible how using the same pieces I can do 3 different setups good for every conditions 

  • Skywatcher 102/500 (HA aperture 50mm) named “Hornet”
  • Vixen A80M 80/910 (HA aperture 70mm) named “Wasp”
  • Celestron Omni XLT 120 (HA aperture 100mm) named “Bee”

I’m very happy with them all.

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