Yesterday I got a couple of “CaK” filter that I wanted to try stacking together and reduce the bandpass by tilting them.So I started to think how to build a filter tilter and then I came up with a simple yet working homemade filter tilter.

It is made mainly out of a couple of T2/1.25″ extentions. I glued two filter holders to the screws of each of them. That way by turning the screw I also tilt the filter. The two extention rings are also aligned so that the screws are 90° each other so I tilt both the axes.Here’s how it looks like when you dismantle it:

I also putted a rubber band around the two screws so that they better hold the position.The other two pieces are simply a T2/1.25″ nose and a T2/1.25″ eyepiece holder. It is also quite “compact”. Excluding the “nose” it is only 6cm.

Technically it works well. What I still have to test is if tilting the filters really helps reducing the bandpass or not.

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