A friend at “Solarchat” suggested to reprocess the white lite image by using less smart sharpen and a more smoothed greyscale.

I did it and here’s the result:

This is much better then the previous version.

I used the same AutoStakkert2! output file, simply reprocessed in Photoshop.

I still have to find a good consistent way to process white light images, but I’m on the way to find it. White light is relatively new to me and so it is processing HA images with the new Vixen+PST setup.

For now I’m not using PixelInsight as it still takes me to much time to find the right settings for “deconvolution” process and I can’t spend all that time now in post-processing.

I prefer to record new videos in the morning, process them in the afternoon and eventually refine post-processing in the evening-night if I have time. And eventually use rainy/cloudy days to refine my post-processing technique even more.

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