Here’s my test of the new “Vixen+PST” setup.

Still with the blackbox as I tried without it but I had a technical problem with one of the extensions used to space the distance between the etalon and the BF5. I decided to quickly mount them back in the blackbox and shot with it. Then solve the problem. I already solved it and tomorrow will test in “phase 2” mode.

Anyway… here are the H-Alpha images for today:

The sky wasn’t clear and it was a little windy (specially at the beginning) but I wanted to give it a try.

I’m very satisfied with the prominences, a little less with the shots of the sunspots. But it’s probably due to the seeing and/or to some error in the stacking/post-processing phase.

I stacked them with AutoStakkert2! and the processed with Photoshop (Smart Sharpen, colourizing, etc.)

I also tested the Celestron Omni XLT 120 that arrived yesterday. See next post for first light image with it.

Hardware: Coronado PST on Vixen A80M + DMK41


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