PixInsight Reprocessing

After reading a little about PixInsight I decided to buy it for part of the post-processing.

In particular I was interested to the “DynamicBackgroundExtraction” and to the “Deconvolution” functions.

The first (DBE) is used to remove the gradient from the images. It creates a synthetic “flat field” from the image and the use it to remove the gradient. It works pretty well and easy to use with the “AutomaticBackgroundExtraction” function.

The second is “Deconvolution”. Well this is a short of advanced sharpening process.

You can read a tutorial about it applied to moon images here: http://pixinsight.com/examples/deconvolution/moon/en.html

That’s the one I used to understand how to apply the process to solar images.

PixInsight seems to be a very powerful post-processing software and surely it’ll take some time to master it. For now I’ll start with those two functions that are the one I’ll use mainly for solar images processing.

After all that talks here are a few images that I “re-processed” using PixInsight.

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