Today I focused on white light as tomorrow I should have the D-ERF so I guess that for a few days I’ll focus on H-Alpha 😉

The seeing was good today so I wanted to give a try to the Powermate x5. I also made a couple with the Baader x2.25 barlow.

Here they are:

The setup is always the same… for now. At least until I’ll receive the Celestron Omni XLT 120 that is about to arrive in the next days.

Processing has been made with AutoStakkert instead of Avistack2. I’m very happy about it. Seems to do a good job and it’s easy and fast. Post-processing has been made using the iterative Smart Sharpen technique (so no wavelets).

I also made some test with some filter and with the newton 120/650 that I prepared for solar imaging.

About filters… tried again to use the Baader Continuum but performances are poor. I have my “best setup” working much better. It is a Green filter out of an LRGB set and a Celestron UHC filter. I’ll try again with the new filters coming fro the USA and with the Celestron. So far the Continuum is a great delusion.

The newton… well probably I need to use more sandpaper on the back of the main mirror as I have reflections. I’ll do probably later today or tomorrow morning. But focus is not a problem. I was worried about that.

Hardware: Vixen A80M + 2″ Herschel wedge + DMK41

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