Vixen A80M Coronado PST Adapter

Finally today I’ve been able to put my hands on a special adaptor that a friend of mine made for me so I can use the Coronado PST “blackbox” on a Vixen A80M acro.

The adaptor is very simple, light but solid. It’s made of aluminium.

You can see a few pictures of the adaptor and how it attaches to the Vixen here:

Now I’m waiting for the Baader D-ERF with custom cell for the Vixen to arrive from Germany and I can start taking some picture.

I already made some testing and the new adaptor works like a charm. I have plenty of backfocus now and without having to cut the tube. I simply dismantle the focuser block and “dress” the tube with the custom adaptor.

This is phase 1. Phase 2 will be getting rid of the blackbox and only use the etalon and the blocking filter from the original PST.

I’ll keep you updated 



  1. constantino

    you never stop to amaze me, really!

    i see you use an astro-camera to catch these snaps. Its specs are below modern digital cameras. Why not use one of them instead? There are tens of adaptors for a sony nex-5n for example.

    I am a total ignorant, that;s why i ask this lol

  2. Thanks a lot mu friend!

    Astro cameras have lower resolution but vey high sensibility CCDs. Also I don’t shot single frames but record 1000 frames video and then “stack” them together to have a final picture that has a low of details otherwise impossible to be captures with a single shot.

    DSRL cameras are good for “deep space” pictures like galaxies, etc. in that case you take many long exposure like 30 secs) shots and then stack them as well.

    The camera I use is monochrome and is perfect for planetary (and also lunar and solar) recordings.

    I hope that explains a little how I work but recording the video (a little more than 1 minute for 1000 frames) is just the first step to the final image.

    Sooner or later I’ll post example of the various steps of work.

  3. constantino

    makes sense. you have quite an expertise i believe.

    you never talked to me about your hidden talents!

    fascinating! bravissimo!

  4. 😀 If you knew everything about me that I’d have to kill you 😀

    Yes, now I got a good experience in processing planetary/solar images. Not deep sky imaging as there’s too much light pollution where I live for it.

  5. constantino

    “If you knew everything about me that I’d have to kill you ”

    so better for me to stay in (planetary) darkness lol

    is there any site for the complete ignorant to start? a guide to select a telescope and make photos with a dsl or a mirrorless camera? (nex-5n is astonishing by the way)

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