More tests with the Vixen A80M. But this time I used an home made Herschel wedge. With it you can skip using the Astrosolar filter, as the prism reflects “only” 5% of the light of the Sun.

Even just 5%, it is still very dangerous and so I used a variable polarizing filter to reduce light. The advantage of the Herschel wedge is the improved quality of the image. And you can see it comparing today’s images with yesterday’s ones.

I’m very very happy about the details. I tried to use my Powermate x5 after a long time, for a sunspot close-up. Not perfect but you can see nice details and granulation. Still needs more contrast but that’s due probably to the seeing.

Anyway… viva the Herschel wedge! šŸ˜€

Hardware: Coronado PST + home made Herschel wedge (polarizing filters) + DMK41

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